måndag 6 november 2017

september by the lake

love this place to sit and watch the water

                             A pieceful place to be, near a lake! 
                                            Always different light and movement

tisdag 24 oktober 2017


These are some of the little work I have done this summer

tisdag 17 oktober 2017

I have not blogged since long time. Now it is about time to 
share some photos from september. I went to Italy,Rimini, to learn more
italian. Classes in the morning and culture events in the afternoons.
I will show the sea related pics. That´s how I will remember this trip.

This is how the hotel staff hangs the laundry. To me is was interesting to see
sheets and towels hanging out to dry.

This is our seeview from our bathroom

Going by train to the town of Faenza for a visit to
MIC, Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche.

So many beautiful pieces of art!!!!!

lördag 19 augusti 2017


These are just a few of lots and lots of beuties made this summer.

For you Diana
I experimented with these on paper. Tried different thikness and structures
and collected different sorts of leafs in my back yard nature.
I put the leaves in between paper and did a batch of these.
I cut the paper down to a big size tile and then made like a sandwich
with a tile on top and bottom. Tied it really tight and put it in a container
that can go on a stove. Fill it with water and te and some rusted objects
Let it boil for half an hour or so and let sit until water is cold again.
Open and be surprised!!!!

torsdag 17 augusti 2017

Summer outing

now -a place for art exhibitions
then-a home for boys with bad behaviour to assimilate to the

this is what is left from the fence. it used to be a bay in front, 
the sea is surrounding the place

a guestroom

above and under are showing art from different artists
though this thing above is part of the old building

their little green house really impressed me