lördag 8 oktober 2016

Nature is preparing for winter

this stone is amazing

piece of art

getting old

where the ants live

the lake is golden tonight

                                         I love these thin trees

torsdag 6 oktober 2016


          This is what my snailmail came with yesterday.
All the way from Florida. I have a frieind I found through the help of internet and her name is Kathleen and she is a telented artist. I send her some and she sends me some.
I love to work with artists so far away, we communicate through art.
She sells her art at etsy.com and is listed as studio318
You can find her at 
                                                                  Kathleen Pequignot Fine Art

tisdag 4 oktober 2016

Last week learning

quite proud over this stack of books I made last week in a 4-day
bookmaking class

envelope book

working with leather is special

folder with plastic pockets

måndag 3 oktober 2016


when in town

when in nature

wanting to learn about ecoprinting
making my first try

still blooming

still warm enough for a swim

a summertown going into autumn

less and less boats

the look out from town

söndag 25 september 2016

workshop Vaxholm

my bundle of secrets

our bundles steaming

bundles drying in the sun

                                                                                                        unpacked bundle

outside the working area

drying pieces

torsdag 22 september 2016

workshop Vaxholm

our location for the weekend

the idea was to make bundels with our secrets in and boil it

Outside the Roddarhuset was this nice view. For a person like me
swimming in the sea can not be avoided.
This is where we had our lunchbreaks

the light in the room was magic

some work to dry on the floor

My apron needs to dry in the sun

after boiling our bundles

some random work

the homebaked cake at the riverside cafe in the same
place as we used. Dangerously good!!!!

me at work in the corner