onsdag 29 september 2010

pale, used, loved

a summer scarf, made from old used mens shirts,
so soft to the skin

måndag 27 september 2010


This is a memory map from how I travelled in my
childhood. By train from the north of Sweden to my grand
mother a days travel further south.

fredag 24 september 2010

tisdag 21 september 2010

Found this piece.....

on the ground, having been there during all seasons of the year
maybe two years.....
a new project??????

torsdag 16 september 2010

onsdag 15 september 2010

getting closer

to order. Still a lot to sort out. A lot.
I need more time until I can get back to work.
I do find a lot of unexpected treasures.....

söndag 12 september 2010

look around

and you will get inspired......
there are patterns everywhere
if you look closely

fredag 10 september 2010

onsdag 8 september 2010

tisdag 7 september 2010

need something beautiful....

...to rest my eyes upon
still chaos im my studio......

måndag 6 september 2010

From peace in nature

to chaos....
this is how my studio looks today.....
I am moving into a smaller space
and one way or another, it is going to be
a room to work in

lördag 4 september 2010