torsdag 29 april 2010

onsdag 21 april 2010

tisdag 20 april 2010

söndag 18 april 2010

warming up....

still working small
to get my left hand
back to normal
I´m making progress.

fredag 9 april 2010


Change in material and work is my thing.
everyday has its challenge.....

måndag 5 april 2010


this little ufo is finished
it took some years....

lördag 3 april 2010

Left alone...

in a house on the mountain
only the dog an I
for 6 days
with no commitments
other than playing with cloth, colours,threads and papers
Some of the result is what you see above.
more to come....

torsdag 1 april 2010


is pleased, wearing my accesoires