onsdag 2 februari 2011


for a change. I am on a jouney to my beloved home town,my
favourite part of the country of Sweden, Lapland.
Here I am posing on a fantastic "vehicle" called spark.
This is what people use as a transport when you don´t use
a car or a snowscouter. It´s really useful and very good for
the climat,only works with your legs kicking. You also keep
warm by kicking.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastic! Is that your mother on the spark? Do you stil know people in your hometown. Is it Kiryna, I have been ther too

  2. hahaha it is me on the spark, with lots and lots of clothes on.

  3. sorry you looks so old. Is it very cold in Kiryna?

  4. I have looked through your items is it easy to sell them ?

  5. dear anonymous
    First of all, I am not very young but not very old either. I feel like the best time.
    I have now travelled from Kiruna a little bit south to Gällivare. My hometown. It is nice now and minus 10 C so not very cold but some days ahead it will go down to minus 20 C.
    No it is not very easy to sell them but I have not tried so hard as I could.