tisdag 17 oktober 2017

I have not blogged since long time. Now it is about time to 
share some photos from september. I went to Italy,Rimini, to learn more
italian. Classes in the morning and culture events in the afternoons.
I will show the sea related pics. That´s how I will remember this trip.

This is how the hotel staff hangs the laundry. To me is was interesting to see
sheets and towels hanging out to dry.

This is our seeview from our bathroom

Going by train to the town of Faenza for a visit to
MIC, Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche.

So many beautiful pieces of art!!!!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I have been to Rimini, way back in 1992. I thought I would love to return but never have. Your photographs bring back memories of the beach. Wow! You were proficient in taking photos. Love looking at what you captured. The fish one at the end reminds me of a fish I bought in Greece years ago. :-)

  2. mmm love the photo of the approaching storm from the beach. how nice to have a solo outing to a faraway place.