måndag 27 oktober 2014


sweet candy hanging


belonging to a small group of quilters, Fria Tyglar, now exhibiting in
a small town called Falkoping. above quilt is made by a few of us as a collaboration
some years ago. it is two-sided. We call it Sweet Candy.

Above is a small quilt by one of my friends, Gunnel Wright,
and it is one of my favourites

this is mine. 12"x12"
it is a challenge within the group to illustrate a book we like.
I chose the book Fallvatten, by the swedish author Mikael Niemi
and it is about what can happen when a dam bursts and a lot of 
water comes loose. what happens with towns and people when the
flood happens.
I tried to make a dark picture with heavy water coming towards you.
scary scenary and exciting to read. 
Can it happen. Of course

found this parking lot so charming with the doodling. Made me happy

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  1. WOW! Lovely quilts! I thought of our ATC making when I looked at what you created and what you said. Taking an idea and creating. Totally amazingly successful!