måndag 20 juli 2015

to the woods and back

I love moss, if you look closely there is so much more to see

like a world on its own

the house by the lake, so pieceful 

wanting to take a lunchbreak and looking along the road to find the
perfect spot. and when you find it, sky opens and we have to sit in the car

but it stopped raining and there was this little waterfall near by

next stop coffee break. this is our favourite place to stop. They serve homebaked cakes and
good strong coffee. And there always an exhibition of some kind to look at and they
have the lovliest garden to sit in. The house itself is so charming

lots of beautiful spots

on the road again. lots of red barnes and yellow/green fields to look at.
I never get tired of this view

        back home,in the boat and an evening like this its so fantastic to take the sea-way

3 kommentarer:

  1. I have just found your blog :-)
    Oh dear, it makes me "homesick" for Sweden!

  2. So beautiful! I just found your blog thru your friend at dispatch from la, I live 30+ years in the jungle on an island in Hawaii, so of course I was drawn to your gorgeous ocean, a little jealous because u get cold, it I so hot here and my body does not like the heat anymore, but to live a life at the ocean is truly a gift, and to add the other gift of artwork, is a very blessed life! Aloha, angi in hana

  3. I see you are still capturing red barns out the car window! :-)