måndag 25 januari 2016

Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi

My third visit to Jukkasjärvi and the Ice Hotel. 
As always the entrance is

My main reason for this visit is to see my friend AnnaSofias
sculpture for one of the suites. As I have followed her work this
year closely through internet, I am so pleased to be here. My goal was
a selfie with Betsie, the elephant.

this part is the wall behind the bed where you sleep if you are a guest for a cold night.
You can sleep in a little house if you dont fancy this.

This is the scuptrice next to her work. The elephant is normal-sized
These clothes are her working everyday clothes. No fancy dresses, no no.

me and Betsie


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  1. Oh, lucky you! Amazing but now I am cold! I love the lighting.