söndag 24 januari 2016

more ice cold beutifulness

the colours in cold weather is stunning

in the background you see the mountains that continues all the way to 
Norway. A world of mountains wherever you look

These are people but for me, I see seals scattered on the cliffs

if you look closely you can see the train wagons transporting the ore from mine to
the coast to be shipped abroad.
these are familiar views from my childhood, the wagons pass regulary with this heavy load
and are the life line for life up here in the north.
No mines, no life

Visiting my friend AnnaSofia Mååg in Kiruna. She is an ceramic artist/
ice sculpting artist, working for the Ice hotel, (icehotel.com).
Outside her private house in Kiruna she has installed this ice block and
a lamp. No confusion where she lives.
go to her website annasofia.se for more of her work

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