söndag 31 juli 2011

summer trace

beetroot, strawberries,raspberries....I don´t remember
but I was in the kitchen....

lördag 30 juli 2011

made in France

this stitched piece was mostly made in a church in France.
I was helping out with an exhibition and the hours were

torsdag 28 juli 2011


I have been boring. I know, but I have holiday-lazyness
in my head right now. Quite nice actually!
As you see it´s washing and drying time. Any day it will
be printing time!!!!
But for now, still holiday

tisdag 19 juli 2011

found in italy

just a lovely pattern with some swing

torsdag 14 juli 2011


my sunset when on holiday
strong colours....

söndag 10 juli 2011

onsdag 6 juli 2011


I like things to speak to me. I like decorated things around me.
I have different containers for different things. There are lots of
opportunities for me to decorate my surroundings.....

måndag 4 juli 2011

hard work

now I have learned how much hard work it is behind a
finished piece of work when printed in many layers. A
lot of thinking as well regarding the design. Above you see
some stages of working with changeing a piece of white
cloth into something totally different. These are early
stages. One day these first steps will be taken further.

söndag 3 juli 2011

Back from England

The English countryside is a lovely place to be in...
it grows everywhere and gardens are well kept in general.
I was joining a class with an experienced textilartist and
I had a great week learning a lot.......
Thank you everybody making this week a very good