söndag 28 juli 2013

soft colours


onsdag 24 juli 2013


a container


design by Viola Gråsten

my painted page

my painted page

installation of plastic containers in a window

still paper

I´m in a paper flow and I love it. Paper and thread is magic together.

lördag 13 juli 2013

surrounded by nature

favourite spots when summer´s here

colours of summer for me

onsdag 10 juli 2013

non stop

this class has gone into m head. I cannot stop
trying new combinations.
Last night in front of the television this came up.
I love my little sailing boats!!!!

And look at this, looks aboriginal!

this is my wood of birchtrees

and this is just for fun

måndag 8 juli 2013

patterns patterns patterns

playing with patterns=addictive

 front cover of paper book, pattern book.
First project in Mary Ann Moss on-line class
back cover.
 empty pages to fill with patterns during this class.

torsdag 4 juli 2013

måndag 1 juli 2013

reds and houses

I have been on the road and all the reds makes me want to stop the car every five minutes
and ofcourse I cannot!
This is for you John!