onsdag 29 juni 2016

Road trip, part two

still Fårö

moved on to Gotland, big island, to spend the night in Djupvik, south west.

bikes to borrow



Proud mama

the restaurant in Djupvik

back in Visby

onsdag 15 juni 2016


This is pics taken from a beach in northen Gotland.
This shapes are called "rauk" They have been shaped through
the years by the sea.We were lucky to be all alone on that beach, no other 
tourists. We had fun as you can see. 
The beach is called Langhammars

temptation to climb is obvious

tisdag 14 juni 2016


We fell upon a true taco-place to eat. Cantina y tacos in a remote place
in the island of Gotland

We travelled north to the island of Fårö, still Gotland.
the place we stayed called Slow-Train B&B and was a 
very personal place to stay. Totally different but very
nice and beautifully located near the sea.

interior from the Creperie Tati

Fantastic crepes made by french creperiers from Bretagne

One of the rooms

the garden

still in the garden

room interior

                                              stonework from in the garden

måndag 13 juni 2016

Sail along

Sailing off to the island of Gotland, southeast of Stockholm in the Baltic
Sea. I am celebrating my birthday with my family.

we leave the mainland a beautiful evening

flowers in Visby, the town on Gotland

we travelled in the car and went from  west to east, from east to north and then 

visiting friends on the east side of the island. an evening biking tour out on the fields

a fishing museum along the way.

Gotland is an island where they make cement so lots of houses are build
in cement. passed this old house.

a little fishing village

my two youngest