söndag 28 december 2014

lördag 20 december 2014


this morning I woke up to this

not this, photo not taken by me but it shows the northern part of Sweden from where my roots are

this is the actual place where I lived my 19 first years

this is around my corner right now in the middle of 
Sweden but in the mountains.
this is like a brides dress to me

my view from my desk right now

this is my favourite season of all seasons and I am happy to be able to find myself
in this scenery

tisdag 9 december 2014

my paradise

my summerdream

the beautiful church from my home town. it sits at the bottom of the mountain and is a 
landmark in my heart as is the mountain called Dundret
Photo: Karina Jarrett

Photo: Karina Jarrett

lördag 22 november 2014

circle shapes

aged beauty

little fabric circles

torsdag 20 november 2014

project Christmas

Step one done. painted on fabric.
step two will follow tomorrow

onsdag 19 november 2014


I love shaping papers in different ways.
making sculptures like that

torsdag 13 november 2014

some printing

finally some printing on fabric . 
long time since last session.
christmas is getting closer and
I love to make my presents

lördag 8 november 2014

a day out

in Gothenburg. always something to look at.
layers of life

torsdag 6 november 2014


                                          working on a new journal, here is the cover ready
                                                now the signatures are waiting to go in

onsdag 5 november 2014

måndag 3 november 2014

cutting paper

cutting in paper and playing with shadows