söndag 31 december 2017

travelling to winter

these pics are taken from inside the car, (i am not driving)

the day before Christmas and all is red

on Christmas Eve we had this dream weather

taking a walk

having a meal

red red red

next day is foggy and blue

so much snow

torsdag 28 december 2017

more than cosy in Mariefred

kitchen window

bedside table



galleri in Mariefred

at my brothers place

snow in the morning


kitchen view


winter garden

under roof 

small groups of Christmas decorations everywhere

tisdag 26 december 2017

Travelling to Mariefred in December

Driving north to Mariefred and had a stop halfway.
Opened my eyes and there the moment was. Magic in front of my eyes.
Seconds later it was gone.

                        Arriving at Mariefred,later in the evening. This B&B, we know it since before,
is amazing. Below you see the entrance fully lit and it felt as a big hug coming in.
This was early December and started our Christmas feeling. The room and the courtyard swept us
away and we had a wonderful weekend visiting my brother.