torsdag 24 mars 2016


Not the sharpest pictures but taken from a train moving fast, I am still impressed with
how the feeling was captured

torsdag 10 mars 2016

pale palette

my sweet dog Moppe

this clock try to tell me something about time?

a magpie is building a nest nearby, just resting on my balcony

a quilt I made for a friend some time ago

tisdag 8 mars 2016


a lovely sight in front of me

Looking out
More trees making graphic patterns

lördag 5 mars 2016

Trees and other

Love these graphics

Doing some experiment with landscapes, small scale

fredag 4 mars 2016


this pic was taken at an exhibition and I took it a few years ago.
I can not let it go, I love the softness meeting the harsh background.
the colours call me

torsdag 3 mars 2016

winter in Stockholm

I am visiting Stockholm this summer for a few days to meet up with my friend
from USA, Mary Ann, and her sister. Always lovely to proudly present our
beautiful capital.
Summer is the best time to visit but I love the winter as well.

I must take my friends to this hidden beauty...........

Stockholm by night. As Stockholm is built on the water you cannot miss this kind of view
wherever you go!!!!!!

tisdag 1 mars 2016

Old beauties

old dog

tulips beyond life

so beautiful aged