lördag 19 november 2016

more leaves - different angle

All these leaves are photographed on my desk with the roof
windows reflecting the light

fredag 18 november 2016

more leaves

while working on my leaves, I found this leaf stuck outside my window

what if I stitch the leaf on to fabric?

onsdag 16 november 2016

Leaf stitching

Since I lovee leaves I have become very inspired by Alice Fox and her work on leaves.
Have always collected but did not try stiching until I met Alice Fox in my Yorkshire workshop.

I am now experimenting to find out how and when to stitch.
Her work is very ART 
I will try to make it my way

fredag 11 november 2016

more Yorkshire

Low tide at Sunk Island

The flat landscape of this part of Yorkshire. The colour of earth was amazing.

A very old school

An afternoon in Withernsea, by the sea

The late sun is painting everything pink

If you look closely you will see Sunk Island, Patrington (where we slept), Easington and Withernsea.
I was lucky to see both Withernsea and Easlington, the north sea coast.
Spurn Head is yet to visit

torsdag 10 november 2016

East coast of Yorkshire

The light, the tide, the smell

tisdag 8 november 2016


I found these prints when looking through my drawers today.
They were printed years ago but I never knew how to go on working with
them. Now I will find a way as I love them

måndag 7 november 2016

printing in Sunk Island

above are some of the prints and embroidery I did during the week