måndag 11 juli 2016


sitting in my summer studio and making me a book to paint in.
learning to paint with gouache
being in an online class by The MaryAnn Moss
called Oh My Gouache!!!!!
I do love to learn new things and through internet it is so easy to go out there and
just grab the things you want to do.

onsdag 6 juli 2016

morning swim

taking a picture from when I just went swimming in the 
Skagerak sea

these swans were flying over me in a circle

I had plenty of time to observe and take pics. I wish I had videofilmed it because of the
magic sound when they fly. These are big birds

måndag 4 juli 2016

söndag 3 juli 2016

my memory trip

I participated in an exhibition in my home town of Gällivare, very far north in Sweden.
In most of my work, I return to my growing up at the foot of a big maountain.
In winterland. That has made me who I am. 
I made an accordian book coming out of an old old little suitcase in leather.
One side of the book is winterwhite, cold bright as is a few months in 

The other side is winter as it is a few months, cold,dark and blue. in between the snow are hidden 
my stories