onsdag 27 maj 2015

tisdag 26 maj 2015


 a blanket in wool, with a little
No I did not make it myself but I bought it some
twenty years ago.
a small-sized blanket

looking back

this is a quilt I made years ago but still find loveable.
inspired by a part of Sweden where the woods are a big part of the picture.

this is another house. 
Its winter and the house has been burning.
It is an illustration of a song text by the swedish writer Mikael Niemi.

måndag 25 maj 2015


so fun to build a house on pieces of fabric

                                                           spring flowers to love

lördag 23 maj 2015

a baby

what did I come up with these last months?

some work on paper

tiny embroidery collage

But most important the quilts....

working on this baby quilt that my little granddaughter to
be will have.
when i got the news i got lots of energy to create and
my hands were suddenly busy from morning to night

found this almost finished little hexagon quilt among other 
unfinished pieces, 

finally a handquilting project again

knitted, quilted 

glad to have my international atc-group which is pushing me in
different directions.
these are the envelopes on their way

finally i can use my little granny squares to 
warm a little baby girl this winter......

long long long time

been away from blogging so long now.
Left this beautiful world of winter in late april.......

this is really my childhood world and i get more and more
homesick as years go by

soon this will be my reality. Summer has always been the westcoast for me.
as a child we travelled through the long long country of Sweden to
get to our summer house. it took a couple of days but once there
we had a long summer in paradise.

As a grown up, I am blessed to have a place called my own
on the spot I grew up in summerholidays. And to have family all around.

soon this will be my everyday 

and this......

For you MAM. this is a little space called Maryland, from the previous owner.
It´s a privat little place to go in the very salt seawater when you need to cool down.
with a little seat on the rock to meditate.