onsdag 29 februari 2012

another inspiration board


laying stiches on a print, suddenly there is a window

måndag 27 februari 2012

Bullentin board /Anslagstavla

I find these well used boards very inspirational

lördag 25 februari 2012

Magic moment

I had a magic moment outside my window yesterday.
After a short moment it was over. It was foggy, and the
sun was setting at the same time. just had to share this
with you all

torsdag 23 februari 2012

tisdag 21 februari 2012

winter spots

The Winter Scenery gives me so much inspiration
and it can lead to embroidery, collages,
quilted prints or just to a smile

söndag 19 februari 2012

needing a needle

as a change I love to embroider! Always a few projects
on hand in case there is a moment of nothingness.....

fredag 17 februari 2012


have a nice weekend!

torsdag 16 februari 2012

fantasy quilting

these are close-ups of a bag I made some
time ago. I printed the fabric.

onsdag 15 februari 2012

måndag 13 februari 2012

graphic beauty

trees,branches, reflections are such an
inspiration to me

cold or warm

does this piece reflect cold or

fredag 10 februari 2012

tisdag 7 februari 2012

blues again

these cold winter days I am working in
blues and yellows

fredag 3 februari 2012

moments of beauty

inspiration is all around me these days

onsdag 1 februari 2012

Look very close

There is always something beautiful very near.... Have your eyes open, every day and everywhere

collage paper/fabric