söndag 31 januari 2016

Artist from home

Erling Johansson, early painting

this is a very typical Erling Johansson late days. He has done som many portraits of people from my home town as well as famous people in Sweden. i spotted these two on my recent visit.
Erling Johansson was born 1934 and is still an active painter.
Erling Johansson find out more here

lördag 30 januari 2016


Part of Gällivare railway station. A beautiful old building, a few of landmarks in northern part of Sweden. Along the railway they built a few like these houses and they are still there. 

view from the platform. my last goodbye to the mountain of Dundret


here it comes. this train is taking me back to Gothenburg. The journey takes me 19 hours

wake up to this
need I say more
feeling sad for a few days until having settled with rain and wind and
no snow

fredag 29 januari 2016

my white church - again

Before leaving this paradise of mine, I wanted to pass by "my"church. It is kept locked but
I managed to talk myself inside. Below you see some of the interior.
It is lightly decorated with soft white colour on the walls and inner roof.

Found this in the officebuilding.  Like a cake.

this altar piece is very hopeful and light and it is woven to my delight

this is the old altar piece hanging to one side.
So glad this sad and dark painting has been taken from center
to the side. It is not the first I want to see when I enter the church.
but it is still a part of my childhood 

torsdag 28 januari 2016

my favourite mountain

visiting my friend Karina Jarrett at Gällivare Museum. Her view from her workdesk.
I would not be able to work with this sview.
The very special church is a favourite of mine. as you may have noticed.

if the sunset looks like this you have to stop and watch. takes a moment and it is gone.

My mountain, Dundret
I need this view.

there are only 12 of these type of churches in 

onsdag 27 januari 2016

another church

an evening walk in the quiet world
this church was built in 1608 and is situated in Jukkasjärvi, a village
17 km east of Kiruna. Jukkasjärvi is sitting on the river of Torneå.
The Ice Hotel has made Jukkasjärvi known internationally but this
is an old village.
What you see above is the entrance to the modest little church

This is the church building. 
I really like the modest feeling outside

This altar piece is quite recent. it is a gift from the big mining company LKAB,
to celebrate 350 years since the church was built.
It is carved wood and made by the swedish famous artist Bror Hjorth.

this is showing how the christian preast Lars Levi Laestadius is preaching
for the sami people. Telling them how they are living in sin.
Not very nice from todays point of view.

if you look closely,you can see the beutiful laponian craftmanship
on the organ. It is carved reindeer and teak and reindeer skin.

walking out through the outer building where you were supposed to leave your vapons
when entering the church

tisdag 26 januari 2016

Walking in snow

the sun is visible today. a short while. have to take a walk.

my goal is to see the church of Kiruna. It is well known
for its beauty an history

the wooden door is magnificent

detail of door

the church is dark inside, like a big wooden hut. As a contrast the main altar piece
very light and give you a positive energy

måndag 25 januari 2016

Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi

My third visit to Jukkasjärvi and the Ice Hotel. 
As always the entrance is

My main reason for this visit is to see my friend AnnaSofias
sculpture for one of the suites. As I have followed her work this
year closely through internet, I am so pleased to be here. My goal was
a selfie with Betsie, the elephant.

this part is the wall behind the bed where you sleep if you are a guest for a cold night.
You can sleep in a little house if you dont fancy this.

This is the scuptrice next to her work. The elephant is normal-sized
These clothes are her working everyday clothes. No fancy dresses, no no.

me and Betsie


söndag 24 januari 2016

more ice cold beutifulness

the colours in cold weather is stunning

in the background you see the mountains that continues all the way to 
Norway. A world of mountains wherever you look

These are people but for me, I see seals scattered on the cliffs

if you look closely you can see the train wagons transporting the ore from mine to
the coast to be shipped abroad.
these are familiar views from my childhood, the wagons pass regulary with this heavy load
and are the life line for life up here in the north.
No mines, no life

Visiting my friend AnnaSofia Mååg in Kiruna. She is an ceramic artist/
ice sculpting artist, working for the Ice hotel, (icehotel.com).
Outside her private house in Kiruna she has installed this ice block and
a lamp. No confusion where she lives.
go to her website annasofia.se for more of her work