tisdag 31 december 2013

måndag 30 december 2013

winter work

3x3 inch small pieces
all inspired by the blue colour of winter

söndag 29 december 2013


living in this blue inspire me to work in blues

lördag 28 december 2013

short days

The days are mostly blue at this time and weather. Cloudy rainy days need electric lights-

some little sunshine coming through. this is a piece in the process
and  it needs some more work.

this is my view

my morning by the lake

a blue day coming up

in the house still Christmas feeling

onsdag 25 december 2013

Happy Holidays


 Days are short here in Sweden now

the jigsaw of the holidays this time. 
it´s a map over Stockholm

Table mat for the Christmas table

the blue hour outside. Love this period. Everything turns blue outside. 
Best ever to sit inside
and only have the candles lit.

lördag 21 december 2013

Barns project

these are a few of my barns project collaged spreads. Right now they are in America to be
completed by my online-art-friend John.
The complete signature will soon be with me and at the end of the project it will be bound
into a Barns-book

torsdag 19 december 2013


just started this project. cannot tell because it´s a christmas gift


my outside view

before the snow

sun is setting

enjoying the view

he doesn´t want to come in

onsdag 18 december 2013

tisdag 17 december 2013

Going North

Below is my favourite barn, falling apart slowly
travelling through this beautiful morning mist, coming out in sunshine

måndag 16 december 2013

Painted Hearts

getting ready for the Holidays I want to share some hearts
I sent to a friend
now it´s for all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

torsdag 12 december 2013

in between

love to play with pens in every possible book on my desk

måndag 9 december 2013

söndag 8 december 2013


English beauty


the most beautiful dresser I know

Christmas decorations in China town.

Victoria&Albert Museum, the restaurant.
So beautiful and peaceful to take a rest and a meal.

måndag 2 december 2013

to age with grace

this house has been neglected for too long

this is a very well kept and cared for old warehouse

also well meintained family house