tisdag 27 september 2016

söndag 25 september 2016

workshop Vaxholm

my bundle of secrets

our bundles steaming

bundles drying in the sun

                                                                                                        unpacked bundle

outside the working area

drying pieces

torsdag 22 september 2016

workshop Vaxholm

our location for the weekend

the idea was to make bundels with our secrets in and boil it

Outside the Roddarhuset was this nice view. For a person like me
swimming in the sea can not be avoided.
This is where we had our lunchbreaks

the light in the room was magic

some work to dry on the floor

My apron needs to dry in the sun

after boiling our bundles

some random work

the homebaked cake at the riverside cafe in the same
place as we used. Dangerously good!!!!

me at work in the corner

måndag 19 september 2016

a weekend away

inside my little cottage at Vaxholm Bed&Breakfast

map of the isle of Vaxholm

outside my bedroom window

the garden

good morning

                                      from the garden into my bedroom

fredag 16 september 2016

last days of August

King of the island

my shadows

                                       last lunch with friends. it was a hot hot day!

torsdag 15 september 2016


went to a restaurant the other night

and some of the things that captured my eyes like this bar with it´s rusty scalloped look

and steel tubes with lights in the bottom part hanging from the ceiling

and some light in a stairway
all photos taken with my phone so imagine a better camera

tisdag 13 september 2016

flowers and colours

a late blooming 

So proud over my first plums. 

from my little gardening space

a little bit of this and a little bit of that