onsdag 25 november 2015

my white church

these are photos I have found on internet. I keep all pics
of my favourite place to see.
In winter, it blends in, and I cannot get enough of watching these
Thank you everyone for taking these pictures.

                                                                                              photo Karina Jarrett

fredag 20 november 2015


working in circles

onsdag 11 november 2015

autumn days

Diving to Stockholm City in sunset



old beauty

on my workdesk. 

torsdag 5 november 2015


Last night waiting for the bus

onsdag 4 november 2015

måndag 2 november 2015

Going North

a beautiful place for rest and food

a foggy morning

our beloved dog loves to be running free

söndag 1 november 2015

Lilljevalchs Stockholm

I went to see an exhibition at the Liljevalchs Museum when in Stockholm,
and it is called Utopian Bodies - Fashion looks Forward.

Yes it is teeth as soles


the walls in one room are decorated like this.
Every room was different and the effort to 
put the fashion in different perspective is immense.

wall in a different room

taking a rest and a coffee in another spot

this is the building you see when you disembark the train to Stockholm and leave the 
Central Station