torsdag 30 maj 2013


These are pictures from Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen, Denmark). I found wonderful spots on my
recent trip last weekend. Its like an igloo or inside an aeroplane. I was lucky not to be in a hurry so
I could slowly stroll through this great passage.


tisdag 28 maj 2013


The inspiration from the visit at the Ovartaci Museum in Aarhus, Denmark, made us work hard back in the house and studio at Hanne Matthiesen, as can be seen above.

måndag 27 maj 2013

Workshop in Denmark

these paintings are made of the Danish painter Ovartaci. An interesting 
new acquaintance for me. He painted mostly women and he had an very special
way to see them. A long story! 
the workshop was starting here. 

been abroad

You dont have to far to find your beauty spots. I found this beautiful view on the Danish airport of Kastrup. It is all glass. How wonderful to walk along these paintings.

For those of you that never have been in Denmark, this is the image of Denmark. Quite a flat landscape, very green and this day the clouds were so beautiful.

torsdag 23 maj 2013

short beauty

you have to be awake the few days this is happening. Its over in a few days!!!!!!!!


Been on the train this week.
 This is what I saw on the station. It took a while befor I realized
that is was NOT the way the train was supposed to look like.

tisdag 14 maj 2013

green green green

This morning I walked in this aisle in the Green church of Nature.
Surrounded with energetic growth and energy. The first leaves are so so green and
still the ground has not yet started to grow.
it was WOW

måndag 13 maj 2013


through the landscape with open eyes and you will travel slowly. there is always something 
beautiful to look at

fredag 3 maj 2013

torsdag 2 maj 2013


i love windows. and i´m not alone.....i know many many out there have a love for windows
the reflections of what´s outside and the fantasies of what´s inside.
these are my latest shots.