lördag 31 oktober 2015


All these pics from a place called Juiceverket in
Stockholm. Just waiting in the cue but for me it was 
good waiting. Love these pics

torsdag 29 oktober 2015


Visited Liljevalchs art museum and this was one of the rooms. 
The exhibition was called Utiopian Bodies
More will follow

tisdag 20 oktober 2015


these painting are made by Ingela Juhlin from Sweden.
 She exhibited in a gallery in Göteborg last week in a Gallery called 
Galleri Anna H
I love how bold and free she is with her shapes and colours.
These three are my favourites.

tisdag 13 oktober 2015


Horisontal lines

a grandchild with auntie

the dress I wore back in the days

lördag 10 oktober 2015

onsdag 7 oktober 2015


as seen in my wardrobe I like colour and 
to stay in my studio and play with colour

tisdag 6 oktober 2015

early October

Early days of October by the Sea.
From harvest to water in afternoon sun.
Capturing the sun and breathing the last smells of sea