måndag 9 september 2013

barns everywhere

I have been on the road again. Sweden has a countryside so beautyful and everywhere you see these
barns. Red, red, red always the same red. This red integrates so well with nature. You can see that i am obsessed with these buildings. Not only barns, even ordinary houses on the countryside are painted in the same red colour.
As you can see these pictures are before-editing. when sitting in the car (not driving) this is what you get.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I can just see you clicking away as you are sitting in the passenger seat. I love the picture I have of you in my head doing this.
    It is almost like a 5 minute collage but much faster and no time for much thinking.

  2. these buildings are so romantic. i have a very close friend from gothenburg who now lives in california. she has a summer home in sweden but i never knew about the barns and lovely buildings until you and john enlightened me.

  3. Thank you Irene for looking and commenting :)