torsdag 4 juni 2015

the woman on the island

this artist and architect Caroushka Strieffert exhibits in the archipelago of Stockholm
at an museum called ARTIPELAG
She lives in periods on an island with no electricity and water from a pump outside her house/studio
she constructed her house from the ambition to work in it.
The studio is to die for, the space, the outdoor feeling, the view, the openess between inside
and outside.
She is herself a part of her art.
She makes art from what she finds on the island and with a lot of work with her hands, she
transforms things to art and beauty.
Below you can see a few of the pieces.

pieces of paper

these are capsules from bottles

little twigs sanded down and oiled
(looks like snacks to me)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Now this is a person one needs to know. I think you must have at least met. Thanks for sharing her work and finds. :-)

  2. I shared this posting with Seth Apter this week. Watch TheAlteredPage over the weekend. It is Seth's blog.

  3. Fabulous! Thanks Seth and John.