tisdag 29 september 2015

still september

a grandchild arrives
i have been knitting blankets and making

a son and a grandchild in deep communication

soon to be harvested

garden at Koster

2 kommentarer:

  1. Charming photograph of your son and grandchild. Great handiwork in the blanket making, too. Love the cabbage.

  2. You and subsequently your camera love and caress every living thing. Vivsble is not only the phtographed object or person but even the woman 'backcamera'. And the camera cannot lie in any direction. Your fotos, your work speak for themselves, about your respect, your sense of the right distance, inner and outer, your curiosity. And so even a mum can make son and childchild being alone, immersing themselves in their deep relation. Great!
    Nice and nourishing having met you.