torsdag 8 juni 2017

minitour in Halland county

Heavy gray clouds

showers of rain coming and going

a tasty stop in a bakery

a birthday person celebrating in the bakery/coffeeshop

and more rain

this is our night stop. this was a top B&B and as it was a wild card
we did not know what to expect but
Ohhhh how good it was

this main building was from early 1800 and the same family have used this house
since. Used to be a pig farm but these days no animals belonged to the estate.
They used the buildings surrounding this place for B&B and Yoga retreat.

 the breakfast room and Yoga space in this house

our bedroom and other interior pics follow

breakfast house

below is where we stopped for coffee on our way back to Gothenburg

and finally a visit to Lilla Napoli, in Falkenberg, south of Varberg and
a place well known among Pizza lovers.
It doesn´t look much but inside is heaven waiting for you.
I had high expectations but I still was knocked.
A must 

We were gone 24 hours and I managed to see and eat and meet
friends all as I have planned worked out well

2 kommentarer:

  1. What a lovely trip! Thank you for sharing it :-)

  2. I feel like I have been on your trip with you. Thanks for the mini vacation! The bakery photo is amazing! Glad you found the B and B.