onsdag 27 januari 2016

another church

an evening walk in the quiet world
this church was built in 1608 and is situated in Jukkasjärvi, a village
17 km east of Kiruna. Jukkasjärvi is sitting on the river of Torneå.
The Ice Hotel has made Jukkasjärvi known internationally but this
is an old village.
What you see above is the entrance to the modest little church

This is the church building. 
I really like the modest feeling outside

This altar piece is quite recent. it is a gift from the big mining company LKAB,
to celebrate 350 years since the church was built.
It is carved wood and made by the swedish famous artist Bror Hjorth.

this is showing how the christian preast Lars Levi Laestadius is preaching
for the sami people. Telling them how they are living in sin.
Not very nice from todays point of view.

if you look closely,you can see the beutiful laponian craftmanship
on the organ. It is carved reindeer and teak and reindeer skin.

walking out through the outer building where you were supposed to leave your vapons
when entering the church

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  1. The light shining through to the outside in the church photos shows so much warmth. Great capture! :-)