lördag 9 januari 2016

studio moments

doing a on-line workshop with Roxanne Evans Stout and
the inspiration level rises for each week.
this is a desktop collage which is so fun and you do not ever
want to stop arranging your beautiful stuff.

another project of mine is building houses.
this one is wrapped in fabric coloured by me and then stiched
it´s like meditation to sit with paper and glue to build a house.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Inspirerande! Jag gillar också hus, fast jag har inte byggt några (än) - bara målat.

  2. Your fun just jumps off the screen! :-)

  3. I fell into your blog going from interesting blog to blog. I love your creativity and your art. I also love your photography. I am now a happy new follower from the pacific northwest in the US.

  4. It always fulfills me with joy to see, to breath your fotos, to feel your love to live, to work, your liveliness, your art !!!!!