tisdag 14 juni 2016


We fell upon a true taco-place to eat. Cantina y tacos in a remote place
in the island of Gotland

We travelled north to the island of Fårö, still Gotland.
the place we stayed called Slow-Train B&B and was a 
very personal place to stay. Totally different but very
nice and beautifully located near the sea.

interior from the Creperie Tati

Fantastic crepes made by french creperiers from Bretagne

One of the rooms

the garden

still in the garden

room interior

                                              stonework from in the garden

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love Day of the Dead stuff. What a great experience you are having. Who would have thought that you would have found tacos here. Love the photos.

  2. Great dry stone wall - beautiful photos.