tisdag 9 februari 2016

Antique quilt

sorry this pic is upside down
I have had this quilt for a period of time. Found it in Great Britain during the 80´s and
loved it. I do not have it anymore, had to sell it because of space here in Sweden. I had a good collection by then.

This quilt is very special.
It might have been sent to a exhibition in London in 1935 but that is speculations.

it is probably made in early 1900 and quite unusual because it is made in a pattern called 
shell or clamshell in US. As it is quite hard to make a whole quilt in this pattern it has normally been used in combination with other patterns. It was mostly used by people living near the ocean.

You can judge the age by the printed fabric. 
I just love these little children and and dogs and houses.

and the soft colours .....

here you can see the layout of the quilt. In the middle you see flowers and
then the shell-shapes goes in each direction

2 kommentarer:

  1. You must be the most patient person I know. Your stitching is amazing!

  2. It is always a joy to find handmade things that are very old. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.