måndag 1 februari 2016

Gällivare Old Church

this little church was the first church built in 1747.
It was built to christen the laponian people who were said to be
hedonian. Nobody asked them what they wanted, nor respected their 
own religion. Society has treated the Laponian people with great disrespect
over time.
The state ordered the inhabitants of Sweden to each contribute with 1öre (the 
smallest amount there was. We needed to Christen these poor laps.
So the church was built.
It´s beautiful situated by the river of Vassara.
As you see it is closed wintertime but very popular to visit during summer.
What you see here above is the place where you leave weapons before entering
the actual church

Above the church

a found pic from the church in summer.
It is the oldest building in the town and people do get married

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  1. It seems every society has taken over a group of people to change their ways! So sad!