torsdag 4 februari 2016


I just completed my winterbook, one of them, and I had no difficulties
to fill the spreads with winterfeelings and memories

one page from the book, including a painting from Swedish painter
watch his fantastic aquarelles

another spread

if you look closely, you see little me with a
kind of furcoat

there is a puter part of a wristband behind the ring

a reindeer is a great symbol for my childhood

colours of cold weather

winterdays are mostly dark, dec-jan

these colours reminds me of late spring when snow is melting
and the ground under snow is showing.
Not the best of times but promising summer

here we see patches of snow here and there still left but not
for long

this is what the book look like when closed. it was a fun thing to do
and is a mix of paper, paint, fabric and found objects

this little project is one of many to come on my pathways

1 kommentar:

  1. Just love how it turned out. It expresses so well the thought of winter in least my idea of winter in Sweden since I have only been to Sweden in the summer. :-)